Dear Scopely (15 chars)


Hi guys.

So aside from loads of other suggestions I’ve made, this one is an easy one. For the next legacy list, make some speciality toons. Turn em into shields, revives, disarms. Not everybody has said toons so makes stash. Easy money. But make them worthwhile.

Second, the most recent roadmap was brilliant I adored it. Some extra lore. Ricks side to the start so to speak. Please give us back roadmaps like this, with some story and decent prizes for it. Back in the day roadmaps for toons were brilliant.

Third, get the excitement back. I miss those days of being really excited for fighting for a prize, 29 others aside me fighting for a common goal. Toons as rewards again, Lilliths and Uly since we can’t craft them.

This list would go on but I’ve made a few previously l, please see gear depot thread.


A vet, that lives on ole memories of how great RTS was back then.

Edit : A 5* event only would be amazing. Breathe some life into our old toons.


i agree but sadly im that one guy who uses my 5 stars to acende :frowning:


dear scopely, change your damn misleading “gold mod box” icon


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