Dear Kalishane, Do i pull?

Should i pull these? Or is something coming?
Thanks @kalishane


Those presteige pulls might be best
Dwights in there can’t remeber if hunters still in in there but a toon destined To be made compatible for the ascendence ritual is worth a try
Don’t pull weapons they imparently due a update

Could maybe had pm her? Or did you just wanted to make a brag thread?


That sounds envious. I‘m interested in upcoming changes as well so nothing wrong with asking in the open.

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I like your style

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Hunter was never in there, Konrad is/was

Lol, “brag” about useless 5* tokens

If she replies with an answer, anyone else hoarding tokens will know the answer too


I honestly don’t know how you can resist opening some of those. Even if it’s just for some fodder.
How many 6* do you have?

16 6*
But a lot of benedict fodder so i dont need to pull more lols


I wanna know too, this needs to be addressed ASAP as we get tokens from everything instead of toons, which is fine if only there was something to exchange tokens for. I am also hoarding them because I need no more than the 8+ bennys that I already keep at all times.

So i need no third Carl, Shiva, Boobs, TY etc… but some GOOD REWARDS FOR WINNING EVENTS! Ok maybe one more Shiva but thats about it and im not at 1m tokens yet :wink:

@kalishane We would really like some feedback regarding the value of these “epic” tokens.
The wheel is fine for new players but it now has to be updated a lot and also minimize the possibility to get a dupe! Why is everything about RNG if not to scam us? GIVE REWARDS, not “a chance to get rewarded”

I almost made a thread yesterday about all them sales that are plain laughable, if monetizing is the game, Scopely just got lucky so far. I never worry about my economy and spend about $1200 every month on consumables and toys (no kids) yet Scopely can hardly make me buy the 30-pass any more. No wonder you need to rely on whales with unlimited cc.

Im simply not buying a pig in a poke no more, (fool me once…) and as Scopely can devaluate an entire roster over night, them prices are not just ridiculous but totally insane/crazy in the coconut.

Have a nice day nonetheless. :smiley:

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Without giving people a heads up before this event started lol
Imagine the uproar :joy::joy:


They updated the 5 star tokens about month or 2 ago…it’ll be well over a year til they do it again … Pull em

Pull and get your dupes. I’ve got nothing but dupes since the reset.

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Do what your heart tells you Locked-Away.

Always follow your heart.


Probably the last thing he wanted to hear :joy::joy:


Hahaha epic

I wouldn’t pull anything until they do something

I followed the yellow brick road. There was a talking scarecrow, flying monkeys, and even a wizard!

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Haha at least it was an adventure!

As your on.
Any info on the new token event?