Dealing with the 6* Transition


I’ve appeared with a similar thread on the old forum but that was BEFORE the 6* buff occured and many threads have brought up other solutions since then (new and old forum).

Legendary characters are the hot topic. Have been for a while. There’s all sorts of reasons to feel about them but one of the most common feeling is: the stat gap is too great, 5s are becoming obsolete, and the means to upgrade 6s are limited. And also commonly that there is just not enough variation.

For everyone that feels there just needs to be something done to make this 6* thing go smoother my question is: What do you believe it the optimum course of action?

  • Create a 6* recruit wheel and introduce 6* tokens
  • Release 6s for common/outdated 5s much much faster
  • Undo the global 6* buff
  • Buff 5*s globally
  • Ascendable 5*s (ranked accordingly) as prizes for Top 20 in lieu of tokens
  • Let nature take it’s course

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I tried to come up with an excess amount of options but there are probably still some simpler, obvious, or more complex approaches I didn’t think of.


The problem is Scopely rushed the Ascension, because of the war bugs.

It clearly shows in every aspect that this wasn’t thought thoroughly. 6* rendered pretty much every roster to date useless.

I know they said every 5* will get their Ascendance, but the real question is when? If this was thought thoroughly, the first generation 5* would be ascended first (OG Michonne, Rick, Glenn, etc.) and so on.

They are ascending things so randomly and losing all the focus of the whole purpose of ascendance which was to bring new life to old toons. Once again greed took over when they started selling 6* on Premier Recruits. It will only be a matter of time until 5* are extinct from the Premier Recruits.


I think the pace of 6*s is fine and the power gap whilst can see as annoying for the players who invested lots of $$$s a character that is “Legendary” should be significantly higher than previous chars. The biggest problem is lack of Benedicts for ascendence fodder as well as Adens & Lilliths


I voted for “Let nature takes its course”

Essentially, I just want to die lol


Sweet… blissful… death :sleeping:


Its a good poll but you should allow more than one option, as there are multiple viable options such as increase amount avalible and reset the stats


That was one of the things, that almost as I immeditely posted the poll, I realized I should hae included: “Current 6*s are fine. The means to upgrade needs to improve/increase.”

I certaintly noticed many sources starting to dry up after some of the legendary related events ended. Lower amount of benedicts incoming, sparsely see trainers.


I thought about it. Ultimately I think singular voting on which one thinks is the absolute best of the given options is the most accurate.


They sold us 5* for the past 3 years and now 5* are useless and want us to pay for 6* instead of using our 5* through ascendency. We wont buy your 6* we already have ALL the 5* avaible lol waiting for their 6* version


Fair enough id have capped at 2 personally, as i dont think theres one simple solution as increasing number of 6* will help with variety bit you stilll need a ton of sacrificail 5* to compete dude to the stat difference and obviously vice versa , lower stats will increase viability of more teams in the short run , but lack of variation at 6* will still be a bottleneck


Scopely are really the greatest at scamming people, they are really good no one can deny it. Im impress by their skills


Professional scammers


Let’s not get this closed before it’s been a good amount of hours now…

I’m not inclined to disagree but I don’t see it quite as black and white as a “great scam”, more so there are just masters of maximizing profits. The truth is success is measured by maintaining or increasing the ability to produce revenue not necessarily by keeping the most amount of people happy. I don’t like that but they do what works and most importantly what we allow them.


Ascension was going along well… until the power boost. It has absolutely ruined the game. The war before CRW I scored a very high with my one turn team. I would lose a toon or even bounce here or there against a carl team which was surpsiring as one turn teams have been unbeatable for a while. So with more tier four and eventually tier four, the progression was working just fine.

Then came the power boost. My one turn team was rendered useless. Almost every toon got one hit by a shiva, or a Mirabelle or a tyrese. It was infuriating. I’ve been playing this game for a while and stared out as f2p. I raided five star teams forever with command Chad and neutralize red mark… they NEVER got killed on one shot. In fact, they almost always survived 4-5 hits. It just doesn’t make sense to render the five stars basically useless.

Now comes the next problem… since you rendered five stars useless… and there is such a small pool of six stars… EVERY REWARD IS A MEANINGLESS FIVE STAR… Why do we needn’t Romanov, or focus Maggie or ap boost governor (the recent first place prizes)?? We can no longer use them. It’s not too late. You can still take back the roll back. U have rendered 95 percent of characters in old regions useless. How is that a good decision?


5* also rendered every 4* useless. Of course they’re better and ofc they kick the shit out of 5*. No point in doing 6* if it’s just 5* slightly better.
I agree with you one the rest nonetheless :wink:


Totally disagree. It’s not even close. No four stars get killed in one shot by a max tier three five star. These six stars haven’t even been maxed out and they can kill five stars in one hit. It’s not even close.


You need a “provide more benedicts” option. I have at least two toons ready for ascension but I am out of dupes to eat to do it. I shouldn’t have to guess which of my 5s will end up becoming awesome 6s in order to ascend.


I believe there should be a healthy mix of old ascendable toons and new. However they seem to focus more on releasing new 5* toons for ascendance therefor the only new ascendables are only coming from spending. I could have sworn i read somewhere there would be 2 ascendables per week, were getting 1 and if its brand new there forcing us to spend in order to compete.


Cant even remember when we last had an old ascendable toon… siddique dont count. Im pretty sure most people havent gotten him through ascending 4* tough toons.