Dead Region Wars


Let’s see how many factions are in desperate need of attention, put pictures of however many factions are warring in your region.

So this is our situation. Lowest faction (9th place) has 1 war done. Highest faction (1st place) has 16 wars done in total. I’m eager to see how others are fairing in this war.


4 factions. 1 hasn’t scored, one is in a war now


Dead inside is a pretty good name suprized your hanging on


Honestly, if it wasn’t for my faction mates, I would have been gone ages ago hahah


Same lol getting there myself it’s boring dull and scopely just does fuck all so eh


What we do to try to keep people staying is just about every All Out War or Blitz War, we allow the other players to score points by lowering our defences. Trust me, it helps a little in keeping some factions from quitting.


Yeah, we try and do that too with the lower 2 factions, but they are hardly on after searching for hours.


Yeah that can be tough too, when factions have almost nobody on to war or join. I know some people in other regions sometimes join lower ones to try to keep them alive, which sometimes works, not sure if it can work in a situation like that though.


Or just kill the region and find a new game to play


Yep. We do that too. We swap players from the 2 lower factions, or we used too. They’ve now left the game


Nah, my faction is already ‘killing’ the region anyway. Even though we’re the ones that have suggested sooo many things to make it fairer.


Same here feel your pain can’t please everyone so kill region and retire is new motto lol


I just can’t seem to let go of the people I play with ya know? We’ve all become great friends.


That’s one of the only things keeping me here.


8vs8 doesn’t work for region wars. Should be 6vs6 or even 4vs4.


4v4 is a terrible idea. Lol


Well, its getting there. We had 16 or so with 10+ wars last time I checked, now down to 10


Scopes one and only merge attempt a year or so on…

Was this the players doing, or piss poor game design…? it accelerated in its decline once 6* started


We need GrAtFuDaSuBa as one whole region. Permantely. Not just CRW (well, Dawson’s gone now -_- )


Dawson’s gone?
What happened?

But yeah Scopley needs a plan to keep these regions going.
I know they make more money off the new regions but not everyone wants to start again.

I don’t.
I’m a collector and every toon I have is a trophy to me.
I don’t want to lose all of the work, time and occasional luck.

Surely there’s a way…
Scopley must be researching different ways to tackle the issue…hopefully

Edit: Maybe some sort of league with a league.
Use the regions as leagues that get updated with promotions and relegations every 6 months or something.