Dead region update?

Hey, so

4 regions and 20 factions participating. This is like daily life in a dead region… Is there anyway we can get at least an update on what the future brings to dead regions Scopely??


This is so needed. Merge all of these regions and then add them to CRW. Would make something better at least for a little.

Bumping this @Tarapedia as I’m in one of these regions (Sumter).

@kalishane , please do something. Reopen them, merge is with our CRW buddies, something.

Players in Sumter are now starting to go beyond normal banter, instead, they’re insulting players and factions and people are leaving.

Also @kalishane , reply to my PM.

Needs to have happened like, yesterday!

Edit : had to replace faction with region instead.


I had an idea in regards to merges… example… merge 2 regions or 3 regions where all the account stuff is combined into one account if u have shyt on all the merging region’s and start with no factions and everyone searching for facs in gc again… but with all ur merged stuff.

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I have a Carl on an alt account. Could use him in my main though hahaa

Please!! I have Erika on my dead one and no ascendables at all in alive one!

Scoeply clearly thinks it’s fun to just wait around for long searches. 6v6 isn’t helping anything when there are only 8 factions warring constantly. The search is just miserable. Just merge the crw regions. I don’t get it.

We only have 2 factions really. 2 others that may be active enough to have 1 or 2 wars over the whole weekend :frowning:

Bartow needs to be merged desperatly

My thoughts on dead dieing region’s if still possible split up into smaller factions. Say 10 people in each, form as many as you can. Then don’t worry about going hard, if you match a top faction and can’t beat them don’t fight and don’t feed them points rebuilding. Get your points trying for towers with them. This way you starve the top regions faction of points and you’ll hopefully face more of the 10 team factions.
In my region we usually only have 12 faction teams waring and the other 38 prizes go to waste most don’t want to war because it’s a waste of time just getting slaughtered. Of the 12 only the top 2 and their feeder factions war all out. The other 8 just show up to die or are secret feeder factions.
Any how my point is if you forget about trying to compete against them and form the smaller factions you could get more to join in trying plus get easy rewards.
Since I’ve been suggesting this in GC we actually have 19 factions trying in this war. I just hope it saves our region to last another couple months.
Still sucks for my faction though, I can’t even get some to join me. Before anyone says anything I don’t want join another faction, I want to grow a few small factions. It’s also why I don’t try pouching the few who are in other small factions. Would be nice to get fresh players or a couple of the hundreds that quit to join.

We’ve suggested this, us being the top faction, a while ago, for the top 2 to split but the 2nd ranked faction said no. Now, they’ve changed their minds and they want just us to split so they can have the ‘top spot’. We’ve taken in lower players from dead factions and have had some higher players go to the dead factions to help, but it stopped working. With only 4 factions overall, it’s hard to split up, considering of those 2 lower factions, only half of those are active.

That sounds dumb. We want to war with friends. If they won’t merge then just get rid of regular war. 6v6 is absolutely horrible anyway. Waste of cans.

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“Desperately” ive seen so much worse

Yep. Sumter and Greene are pretty bad. But no, I asked Shane months ago about doing something with at least Sumter (as I can speak for them) only to be told there’s worse. I know there is, it nothings being done!

Well something is being done, I believe, Scopely is trying to kill off the old large region’s. Why well only a few people spend cost more to run the servers then they bring in. Mergers won’t work either because people will still not spend. Scopely could have stopped the region deaths by not letting feeder factions work so long. Who wants to play when feeder factions are willing to lose so another can win!

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Players will get bored and leave.

Doomed no matter what you try. Only the gamebscopely and IUGO can provide a solution but they haven’t done shit in 2 years. What they have tried they claim didn’t work. Basically they are saying their long time players. Aren’t wanted. It’s start over or nothing.

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Berrien in need of a merge also. Getting worse each week.

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Four factions warring in Greene.

My region has 28.

Wilkes is steadily dying off. Twenty seven in total but only nineteen have had ten or more matches. Veteran players continue to retire in numbers, a few have begun to spread out trying to create some sense of competition but the majority that’s left huddle together in a superpower faction. AOW has become a pointless exercise to most as the current landscape rarely allows for entertaining match ups, at least CRW provides some diversity. Things have gotten stale in this region and with the continued loss of players coupled with a severe lack of new blood coming in has made war an utterly redundant experience. Still continuing to lurk around in a semi active state desperately hoping for the possibility of a regions merger but expecting more of the same old thing as this seems to be life now.