Dead Rabbit Bug

Just happened today, when I tried to buy dead rabbits from the store, my game just crashes. Now I’m afraid that when I play the Shiva Roadmap, the game just crashes and I’ll lose all my coins.

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That’s a built in feature to sell more rabbits


My coins just reset to the amount before I bought the rabbits.

@LadyGeek Is there any way you can help? I know you’re not a Scopely employee, but please

Sounds to me like your game crashed, you didn’t get the rabbits, and they didn’t take any coins. Just try again.

If I misunderstood what happened, all I can say is contact support.

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Can you provide a link to support? Thanks

Where is more dead rabbit scopelyyyyyyy

In the store.

Any update on this?

Damn I just wanted a white kitty for Christmas

That’s what you get for paying to scopelly

Violet stash is also bugged when you pull it restarts the game

Oh my ■■■■■■■ god!!

It is really bugged!
People do NOT try to buy that shit!
“Luckily”, I don’t waste my coins when I try but it refreshes the game like nothing happened.


We’ve seen a few of these crash reports and we’ll be looking into them as soon as possible.
Thanks for bearing with us!

PS: Merry Christmas!


same same here but its sorted now … got the x mas shiva in 6*

This is happening to me as well.

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