Dead or dying closed regions, role call!

You guys have to keep the powers that be focussed on you to get change. I am not seeing many threads.
Unless I am missing them amongst the general outcry these days!

Anyway, regions with less than 10 active factions and dwindling leaderboards, have your say! Let them know you are still here. And need a solution.

Dade has been open fpr months now and we have continued activity with new factions pushing for top 5 spots. A leaderboard that reaches into the thousands and actual competition for prizes. The powers that be said it didn’t work, but the activity in the region says otherwise.

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we are left to rot in dying regions on purpose i assume they are not doing anything about this at all.

And thats just crap. We got DADE reopened, they should do it for all of you. I would be happy to share a few hundred players!

What region are you from @DreamWalker?

In a closed region here aka rockdale…one thing with a merge/opening the region could affect our open to all factions crit territories. Need some fresh faces though but as an old region it wouldn’t be fair on new players so would have to be a like for like region that’s merged with us.

Edit: think there was about 500 total on the scoreboard last level up…but in wars there’s basically 1st/2nd guaranteed, 3rd is contested by two factions and the rest are fighting for scraps.

Colquitt(TR) which is a country specific region and this makes it even harder to get new blood since even if opened back noone will come to start here. Our only option is to get merged and available to move to another TR region. We lost 2 top factions some left the game and rest scattered to other factions and we are down to 2 top factions and 2-3 semi-active factions now.

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I know Tattnall is getting very close to making this list. essentially 3 top factions one of which only has 28 players. a clear 4th faction and then like 3 or 4 more factions with any type of reasonable activity.

Brooks is on its last legs too. 3 top factions which are still active, another 5 where half of the people “take it easy” and probably 10 factions with 5 active players.

Im from Turner and my region it’s going to die plus with the same prizes of war more people left the game we nedd a solution or fusion with another region , not dead or dying close regions , you"re killing the game



Burke is almost exactly like that as well

If lucky Greene has 4 warring factions.

Add Terrell(EN) here.

Over the past 3 months of awesome 6* and excellent events filled with excitement and greatness there has been more and more retired accounts popping up left and right. Once things hit threshold it will all fall apart. Sigh.

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Rabun is still open but dying quickly. Player leaving from to 5 factions every day. Its very sad.

Rabun was friends with Terrell for a minute. A bunch of Rabun people made lowbies and came ove to chat in our global last year.

Sadly only like 10 people chat in global back then, like 3 now

Rockdale is dead. Can’t even fill factions anymore. So sad

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Umm, haven’t lost a player in months. Who you talking about?

Im from Floyd Region, we have 2 factions with a combined 20 active playerw between both factions…makes for interesting normal war when it is 8v8…we are lucky to get 3-4 wars a weekend. CRW 6v6 is awesome for us as we are always paired against the same regions all in a similar situation, we have bonded but would love them to merge us all together. “Keep on surviving survivor, don’t worry we are making HUGE changes to make it more fun for you (Faction Assault)”

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Haha, you know thats not true ya bastard… XD

Fulton Region Is also dead. Only 3 active factions and less than 100 active players

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Floyd Region - 1 active faction that splits up for war. So cool and fun, love not being able to raid anyone but bots and heapsssss of competition in faction events.

Please Scopely save us, merge us, help us!

Agent Beanie/Floyd Region

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