Dead or Active regions


I have two conflicting questions but I can not decide which options to choose

  1. Which regions are dead? I would not like to join there so that there is no one to compete with? I do not want to choose something wrong to change the region in a moment.
  2. However, if I want to join a weak region (eg to win prizes in individual events and factions events), which one?

Thanks you in advance for your help.



Anyone? :slight_smile:

Look at the activity level under the regions tab. They are pretty accurate. Obviously there are different degrees inside each one.

With no aow and being able to recruit from anywhere makes activity less important. Mid level regions seem best. Dont need to put up huge numbers to hit top 50 and still has decent recruits without having to find someone to transfer over. Theres tons of recruitment chats join a few and check out the region 1st

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