Dead inside is recruiting


Dead inside in autauga region has a cpl openings. Undefeated in crw and looking to keep that streak alive! No timezone preferred we have 24/7 coverage. Looking for players that can hit fast against the best defenses. We are a fun group that loves to war looking to add a cpl more solid players to the team.
Send me a msg on line Id is spoonk11 if u might be interested cheers!


Good luck DI <3


I wish I was good enough :thinking:


your faction is not only Dead inside but also looks dead outside


Post screenshot as a proof that ur faction can place top ten along with the requirements


Top 10 in what haha?


Lol drama queen faction. About to be dead soon


Good luck DI! :raised_hands::raised_hands:


In events


Undefeated in CRW? What are the entry requirements?


Your first born or 3 burts


Is spip still there?


Yup he’s still here


We are just looking for active players that can hit fast.


Do you mean you’ve never lost a single war in CRW or that you’ve always come first? Or both?


I don’t understand why everyone is always so negative on recruitment threads

I hope you guys find what you’re looking for good luck


Not being negative. Genuinely asking as I’ve never heard the name before.


They have definately lost wars in crw. Must be referring to coming in first.


We have lost wars of course but we have won the last 6 crw


Dead inside is what this game should be called now, especially since their new snowflake chat app.