Dead accounts in regions


@kalishane Wondering if there is someway that scopely can delete accounts that haven’t been logged into in over a year. My region is pretty dead, it’s hard finding new recruits for factions. These dead accounts just take up space, it would be nice to see who really is around still. I’m sure none of you care and this will turn into a troll post, but it’s an honest question.


Completely concur. Finding new members is hard enough without sorting through the inactive accounts and sending unread messages to no one.


Even if they don’t delete an account just adding a last time logged into the profile would be of use.


Won’t happen.

Imagine some prestige 13 retiree caught wind that their account had been deleted. They’d be straight on the phone to Google or Apple demanding a refund. Just because they hadn’t logged in for a year, didn’t mean they wouldn’t find out.

If this is about recruitment, surely you do it based on past event scores (i.e. a clear indication of activity levels) and not just spamming those not in a faction with PMs?


That‘s the problem. Paying customers can‘t be shut out. But maybe avatars can get marked somehow. I would greet that.


Move their accounts to a new server called Dead, that way they can still access their account and have it moved back to the region they started in :grin:


The best way to find actives is when solo raid is active, no dead players make points (leave the dead accounts alone some will come back to check up on the game)


Good idea. Make the inactive and disband the faction if there is no activity for 6 months.

When they long back in there account is still there, just not in a faction.


I’m in Marion with the grave yard of dead factions and accounts 1000 beyond 1000s of prestige 0 and 1000s of dead factions instead of creating new regions they need to clean up the old regions 1st


Exactly. I’m in Elbert and it’s the same thing. It’s not just about recruitment, but clearing up these dead accounts would give the region an idea where we stand. We have 10 active factions at best and maybe 5 more that pop up from time to time. And I’m sorry but if you haven’t played for a year, that’s on you, those accounts would be useless at this point in the game.


Prestige system in my region is 573 days so 0 out the gate make no sense leveling there a lot of people didn’t even link game with Facebook so accounts can never be recovered


They would get rid of a lot of dead factions out the gate most of the dead are full or closed or private so you can’t even go in to disband the faction


Yea I’ve seen a lot of that here on my region.


Scopely sigue ganando gracias a las regiones hablahispanas ya que siguen gastando sólo por presumir :laughing: