Dayrl Dixon Ascendable leaked!

Holy crap guys here’s his card model
His 6 star has a 44AP adrenaline rush, deal 9000% damage to all enemies, revive all teammates with 100% max HP



Daryl “Road to Special offer just for you #2”?
it’s freakin amazing!


Still a better character design than 6 star Lee


Amen. (7 characters lol)

Love to see a dayrl but scopely don’t have rights to the TV show characters

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Thank god for that imagine the greed

As a fan of the drawn out and stale soap oprah, I am glad that Darnell and his bow and arrow are coming to the game.

11/10 post

Who is daryl dixon?

Never saw him in tbe comic books.

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Daryl Dixon is the guy with the burnt face and crossbow

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Ummmmm…if you say so

AMC The Walking Dead’s (the TV show) early knockoff of Dwight. Minus the burnt face, of course…

Nah that’s Dwight. Very different character. Both Dwight and Daryl are in the show, only Dwight exists in the comic.

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No cause how can both use crossbow hmmm :thinking:

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he looks amazing

New Specialist Skill!
Name: Jumping the Gun
99% Chance for impulsive attacks, causing any damage in adrenaline rush to attack teammates. Revive all enemies.


haha new best person that we ever see :rofl::rofl:

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