Day of the Dead Unintended Token Conversion 11/8/19

A token conversion should never exceed the actual event prizes cos then what’s the point in having an event and customers purposely taking part to ans Scopely providing items for said event.

In addition as per previous screenshot, Scopely did not want to disclose the coin conversion amount. Given how stingy scopely is and have been Customers who pulled probably did so thinking in that case the conversion was gonna be like 100 tokens for 1 coin.

I think it’s unfair to continuously put the blame on customers, well they shouldn’t have pulled, Scopely made an error, pulling or not pulling is not the question Scopely making a mistake, not taking ownership or apologising or giving compensation is disgusting and need to be addressed.

Imagine all those customers who maybe moment ago did a pull for a Mia or Wangfa, from purchases using hard earned money or saving coins for months to not get those toons or getting those toon but at a great cost. But Scopely makes an error that allows multiple customers mins later to get those toons for free. That’s not fair.

Customers consideration (the legal term) aka -money time, resources is constantly being under minded and made to be of little worth by Scopelys errors. For them not to want to acknowledge and address is a kick in the teeth to customers and a smack in the face


Having low expectations will always result in receiving low to no results and making such statements enables Scopely to continue to have that attitude towards it customer base.

Nothing will change if even by our comments we continue to say, oh well it’s happens, maybe next time, we all know how scopely is. Providing excuses for bad behaviors and in some way legitimising it in some ways could be seen as condoning it.

Please, I would urge you to support customer or if that is something you don’t agree with, then please at lease just recongise that Scopely have made an error, but pls if you can as I can’t tell you what to do, make statement that don’t support them but acknowledges that they did make a mistake and that things need to change


Hey @ForumAdmin go eat a bag of dicks your game is trash and your team is less trustworthy than a cocktail made by bill Cosby himself - go take a bath with your toaster and do us all a favor


Give me my coins you false advertisers!

Not ok alot could use 200-300 000 coins and the rest end up with supply markers!

This is actually bullshit.

Alot of players could spend 200-300k coins for free, thats crazy and im happy for them.
But the rest got supply markers?! Some even got their own coins taken away even not spent any of the free coins.

Support just auto replies and they will not do anything with it.


I hope this gets addressed today with an actual response. Also, its still a lie that it was intended to be supply points.


well i asked JB and he says this has been addressed and coins taken out, nothing else to be expected.

Looks like anyone missed gets to keep the coins and everyone can keep the toons they pulled and gear they brought etc

yay for a fair and balanced game again.

I say everyone boycott WoC, gonna be some even harder teams there now and anyone that has been missed from the coins being taken away could just coin non stop for an hour if they were lucky enough to get the 200k+

Have you got something more then your word he said that?

just ask anyone you know that is in the RTS lead room line chat and they will tell you.

Im not one for taking screen shots of chat rooms and sharing them.

But what reason would i have to make it up

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So when it comes to the Day of the Dead Unintended Token Conversion 11/8/19, as stated in at the start of this thread, the issue has been addressed by the team with the coins taken out and this will be most likely the end of the process.

That being said, with all the threads in relation to this alongside the concerns.

I have escalated the case to the team supported by all your feedback to see if we can have done for you.



Thanks for the bullshit answer that addressed nothing


Yup no one from scopley seems to want to answer the question of “have the said people had the toons and gear brought with the coins removed also”

Saying we have removed the coins is pointless if say i had 150 coins, got 200k coins from the conversion.

Spent 200k coins pull Dr Stevens, then exchanging all of the extra shirts for gear. Then pulled 2 wangs and enough of his cards to cash in for the S calss then you reset me to 0 coins

so all in all id be 150 coins down but multiple toons and loads of gear up


Scopely incompetence as usual. Hey, we couldnt manage to do our jobs, again, oh well, screw all the players who didnt benefit, lets make a generic response with no random info drawn out of a hat, and leave it at that.

Can i have a job with scopely, apparently you require no intelligence, and dont actually have to do any work, sounds like a cake walk.

The industry standard for a screw up of this magnitude would first be a roll back of the affected players (a complete one, not the BS yall did), and then incredibly large compensation as an apology. You guys can’t even follow a industry standard. And i know because ive personally benefited from 2 such occurences over the years from developers who arnt crap


Appreciate you answered, but to be fair, the response made me lose hope anything will be done for all the people negatively impacted. People that pulled are gonna keep their pulls and rewards, people that should have gotten coins but got SD markers will keep the markers, and for the rest of us it means “back to the daily grind, 30 collectibles at a time”.
Keep on surviving.
But thank you again for responding.


Well they think no one has put this together, as tho the players don’t know anything. The players have more bloody info then they do, we know exactly how screwed we have just gotten. What a joke

Thank you for at least providing a response.

In the past there wouldn’t have been a response especially ones that acknowledged other threads etc so that’s good @GR.Scopely

However; Scopelys customers will need an eta on this and a real follow up not oh it’s forgotten now, but a real follow up.

Scopely has not show any accountability or remorse and these errors keep happening time and time again.

Scopely need to understand and put themselves in the customers shoes when looking at errors like this and do what’s right… which is compensate customers.

Though evidence and omissions ( evidence SS that customer support confirmed the conversion) (Omissions- the text was not changed for over 2 weeks) We know that this was intended and is Scopelys fault that now All customers are paying for.

Please look at other companies and how they address issues like this from the mobile gaming background and apply, aka compensation and acknowledging that this is Scopelys error and apologise to the customer base.

Please ensure that customers are told what procedures Scopely has in place to ensure that these errors do not occur but furthermore if they ever do, what procedure there is I. E. Will scopely roll back error and any items purchased directly via error or just roll back error etc.

I’m addition please give the power for your customer support to look at each complaint case by case.

There are some customers out there who have slogged, saving coins or money to purchase toons that in the case of both Wangfa, Mia and Dr Stevens would greatly improve their roster, transform it if you will, to have just over 24 hrs have some customers effectively receive for free due to SCOPELYS ERROR. Sounds like a kick in the teeth to me.

Scopely needs to be accountable and needs to show that they have taken this accountability by compensating customers, and to start doing this as a standard each time an error is made.


guys guys guys.

Dont worry through some intricate digging and carefull googling i have found the “team”

Rest assured we are in good hands





@GR.Scopely you say it was unintended and I’m sure that’s the company stance, but you have seen the screenshots of the wheel where it says in game that the extra tokens would be converted to coins. That’s grounds for anyone who purchased coins or anything to do with that event to have a legit case with Apple/android/amazon.

Whats the explanation for that?


I think id have more confidence in scopely uf that were the team, chimps are smart as fk


It’s a very strange take that this company has so it makes me question the companies ethos. If errors like this kept on happening in a company I worked for, I would be embarrassed. The company should feel shame when these things happen, they say they want customers to have a great player experience or words to that affect, but we are not. How can we. And how can we continue to invest in a product when there are bugs and errors like this always occurring with the company instead of taking ownership and doing the right thing, just try to sweep it under the carpet. As customers we don’t matter, our experience on their products doesn’t matter. Just our money. What they fail to realise is that making customer matter and experience will increase profits. It’s so sad.