Day 49: #PU report card of Scopely's Promises

Another week, another report card.

Just to be clear, before some of the haters and sad folks feel the need to chirp,
We do not assume that Scopely is waiting to read the latest report or that they even care about this feedback.

The point of this weekly excercise is to demonstrate that Scopely is failing to live up to their own criteria.
We are using the points they mentioned in their “promises” to measure game changes and improvements.
Of course, there are other criticisms that players have, but we are striving to concentrate on what they wanted to bring attention to.
(Some additional issues are in the “Notes” section)

We do this weekly to show that we can be clear, consistent and regular with our communications.

In fact, the wdrts community’s best source of communication is each other.
We help fellow players understand game features, requirements, statistics; we offer support and advice to others; we pass on notable information.

We do this despite rivalries and conflicts.
We do this because we know that in order for the community to sustain itself, we need to help each other “survive”.

Yes. All of that sounded cheesy. But its totally accurate. And before I sing “Kumbayah”, the report card: (new pts are in bold & notes)



F seems like too high of a grade lately with the direction the game is going in general.


I’m still waiting for the compensation from spending and missing out in the bonus rewards when s class Priya rolled out. I specifically shelled out money just to get Wayland and didn’t get him or the other rewards that $250 should have gotten me.

Ty @Stasha I’m so glad that’s not my boys School report :hugs:

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I thought I noticed War matchups being all wave 1 which I’m stuck in for the “unforeseeable future”. This game no longer has any appeal to play at a high level for me ever since I stopped spending I have fallen so far behind it’s not even worth it anymore.



Thank you for taking the time to do this each week. I really like to think that Scopely reads it and takes note.




What Scopely told us:

But then, also Scopely:

What gives? That isn’t greater communication. 2 weeks ago we told them we didn’t like a 2 week release rate and 2 weeks ago they led us to believe they were anything but 2 week promos.

Start communicating! Let alone start listening!


Another step closer to quitting for good. The rewards this weekend are horrendous. No S-Class collectibles from raid crates. Unless they do some sort of roadmap with Elena in it I won’t complete the mission to get the item to open the roadmap which will probably be impossibly difficult to win a toon nobody will ever use anyway. Where is the fun in this game now? I don’t mind putting the work in for decent results (e.g. getting Michelle, the pathways event) but grinding for next to nothing in return is ridiculous.


Communiocation should be did not attend class


Yep. I noticed it right away…

Scopely lured all the whales into designated regions for TOC. Opened transfers but didn’t allow any whales or f2p factions to leave. Now they are matching them in War :joy::joy::joy::joy:. Fucken brilliant.

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Ask others in ur region if they can visit or let you visit their faction to use their elena.
Do 7.7.
Use a lead, a 8% toon/weap. Defend with all the other toons except Elena.
You can get 10 ar hits in that one level.

Good luck! :fist:

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Don’t worry they will sell the last star item for 99.99 guaranteed so people can do the last roadmap on the final day of the event.

Pathetic this company is

Everyone asked for the whales to be grouped together but the ones who didnt want to be in that group were never given the chance to opt out. They basically have forced people to be fodder in their wars


And don’t forget their plans for transfers, but it has been a very poor and dissapointing week with little headway of any real change


They have addressed a Lot of things to cover in 60 days. We should see some features up and that 6* Maggie rising, but thinking carefully with every S-Class collectable in the museum it will explode … So they should stop doing with S-Class. Saldy the S-Class should help Scopely filling their accounts and destroying even more the game…

Just my two cents…

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I would like a bucket of pancakes


I feel like no one in Scopely is actually listening. Especially with the recent issues with the mia wheel.

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But more than not listening, I think they don’t care.
Their concerns aren’t the same as ours.
We want to preserve and improve the game.
Scopely wants to focus on profits and seeing how far they can push the limits to where the game is horrible, but we keep playing.
The limit is now. It has never been worse.