Day 45 of Scopely's Promises: #PU Report Card

Apologies for the delay, but its been a busy week. (Real life and game stuff)

As always, we have tried to consider all the weekly developments as they relate to the promises that Scopely made to us 47 days ago.

Some of our concerns do not fit into their categories, but have been discussed elsewhere.

(New stuff is in bold & notes)

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Really good report card, as always, this free s-class thing just means it’s a plain and simple reset sadly, and who asked for it? Nobody.


Scopely need to be more proactive with communication. While official and initial info is getting a bit better, feedback and Q&A is still poor. The Council is becoming mythical creature status that someone might have seen many eons ago. Not to mention any one player on this forum could have told them the transfer plan was silly. I’m not transferring my faction in 48 hours and 5 days warning. I’d end up with a third in the new region, a third in my old region and a third in Buenos Aires.



Well A+ for the effort on that blog. Seems very professional. Just not sure how much more impact pu is gonna have, judging by arenas it seems spending is back up to a similar level.

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You’re right…some folks are spending again.

However, many are still keeping their wallets closed. Others are spending much less and only on things like war cans.

But to be clear, #PU is not just about spending.
It is about players being frustrated and wanting the game to be “fixed” and better, like it used to be.


And Scopely to effin LISTEN for once.

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Youve got too much time on youre hands

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Quite the opposite actually.
But I appreciate you taking the time out of your busy schedule to comment.
We need more supportive folks like yourself :blush:


Never said i was busy, good try though honey.

“Your” :slight_smile: .

They should listen and just cancel s class

They won’t cancel it now. People have dropped thousands on them. The few really big spenders probably make them more money than most of the rest of us.

obviously. or they have no skills to manage money. It’s just so annoying. The updated stuff could’ve been fine imo if not for S-class going to make even the strongest 6* useless. Just make everyone S-class. or have a region only for S-class

Great work PU.
Now if only PC can make a similar weekly update on the forums and share it with the rest of the community, that would have been great.
Would love to see the PU Report card include a review of PC’s performance too.

Yeah. The cats out of the bag now unfortunately. The only thing they can do is make s class more widely available and fast before the gap gets too big. Rip 6*…


Yeah i dunno whats worse, limiting it to the uber whales and seeing it here and there (more so in top factions, but still a minority of the 30) or just going full reset like they did with 6 stars and there being lack of diversity in team comp…

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PC can’t say anything though. Thry signed a NDA

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Sharing a weekly update of topics being discussed or having active weekly QA sessions with the community is no breach of NDA.


pc can not say any thing :thinking:

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