Day 4 and no free trial

I joined the survivors club free trial on November 21. I still have not received Andrea or any other benefit from it. Contacted customer support which has been no help at all just the standard reply of “our team is working tirelessly to figure out the reason.” I’m pretty certain my free trial will expire before that happens. Any suggestions on who and how to contact?

Same thing. My iPad says the trial was activated, if I check on my secondary account it shows I am subscribed but I don’t have any benefits or got Andrea. When I tap do a pull on iPad it asked me to subscribe, I click it and says I am already subscribed. But it won’t work.

Keep on surviving

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Believe it or not, I didn’t get that reply from support. I’m surprised.

Sad thing is they have you CC info and can auto renew your nothingness for another 30 days. They will still say they are working on it.

Nah, you just cancel the subscription. I’m on iOS and I’ve cancelled and changed my payment method to ‘none’

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Sad that you feel you have to remove your CC info because of it being a reoccurring payment. I think some people make these payments through their phone company.

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