Day 21: Report Card of Scopely's Promises by #PlayersUnited

Its time for a weekly review of Scopely’s promises and we took into consideration the upcoming changes that will be part of the update.

There are some good developments that have come from #pu…but that doesn’t mean we are done. We won’t be distracted. There are still things to be addressed and though we welcome this refresh, many #pu members will #staystrong in their resolve.

This is definitely much needed progress.
And we remain hopeful that Scopely continues on a positive track.



Can we add in customer support? Which is nil?


Yall fancy.

Will review later today

Wanderer, PlayerCM place holder


Amazing job putting this together. I for one am not distracted by an update that is purely maintenance. This is only a small step forward. The anniversary event for 4 years is horrible. No daily login and the stash itself does have things needed but not anything that makes us excited to celebrate 4 years on a game we love. The release of romanov was extremely disappointing. Especially the fact that hes behind another ridiculous rng based event. Basically turned all the events into a big pile of rng garbage.


I give the Technical Stability an F- since there still a bug on that damn SR where walkers either stop, get killed but rise again, becomes unkillable and kicks you with 2-3 attacks. Territories too are already crap but top that with SR and that sucks. And that cake glitch(coining #Cakegate if there is none yet) is a joke to us players who get no shit if we don’t join SC.


I agree 100% Thank you for making this post :grin:
Had no idea about the website lol. Great work.


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We arent distracted #playersunited. We feel a small victory atm, but got a lot of work to do still.



Website shared with my region, thanks for the hard work!

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I generally agree with the report card except for customer service which I would rate an F. CM activity cannot make up for the abysmal in game customer support. Some issues I still believe need addressed include:

  1. Active customer service during war. Let’s have some. With people that know what they are doing.
  2. In-game customer service to provide meaningful prompt help without standard replies that indicate they aren’t reading the issue and are just stalling, stop closing tickets without agreement from player that issue is resolved, stop referring people to forum post that provides no answers, and resolve inconsistency between what CMs think is happening and actual practice (for example, compensating players for energy lost during territory glitches which very much depends on which customer service rep u get).
  3. Promised blog. Where the heck is it?
  4. Communicate before events start so we know what the weird stuffed animal thing is for (just an example).
  5. Looping and other denial of access issues. How can this keep happening to a group of people after every update and even more important, why isn’t it resolved immediately? Surely resolution of denial of access issues should be a priority … there should be a single place to report these issues with dedicated staff to resolve them.
  6. Players Council. Provide information on how players were selected, how many are included, who is included, and avenues for player reps to inform players of activities and for players to provide suggestions to the council.

I agree with others that the upcoming update is a step in the right direction. But I for one will stand strong until more progress is made.

This is a marathon, not a sprint.



Very well put together report card, good attention to detail and clear guidance for further improvement - A*


That’s just sad…

I agree. A small step forward. But better than a step backwards. I still expect more, but this is enough to cause me to hold on a little long for more changes. Still not spending yet.

How were the grades assigned and how was the % measured on such things as ‘focus on cheaters’?

The Dewey Decimal system.

I’d take anybody else over you.
I’d like a revote.

I fully agree with the F rating… I just looked at the weekly faction and player missions and both are redicilously out of reach for most players. Until scopely changes these practices they won’t get a single penny from me.


Complete and total F. One small step forward and then a shove off the dang cliff today. Scopley listen to us! Fix your game!


what I see: the more the life of the player is facilitated, the more developers have to complicate the life of players. so it was with great f2p characters, so it was with the gates of the skull, it happens with pu

all this resembles a donkey and a drover with a carrot. the donkey is stupid and runs after the carrot, not realizing that he will never get it

These were all the easy things to change (depot, wheels etc) and while I’m thrilled that they did it (and some of it is pretty decent actually, especially for f2p), the thing I’m really hopeful for is #closethegap

The game was actually fun and as f2p I could sometimes beat whale teams in war after the release of Michelle. Then came Zachary followed by 15 more ridiculously OP toons such as the world has never seen and the AI update. All hope of defeating any whale team at all went away, even if they only had 1 or 2 of these toons. My faction’s participation and interest in war went down by about 75% and everyone has or is considering quitting due to frustration.

Thanks for the updates and grades. These are very useful.

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