Davies Love Story Grindable?

So have a question about Davies Love Story: is last stages grindable like it was last time?

Addited: Ok by grindable i meant that last stage of 3roads was giving additional prises on repeated completion(medals, gear, trainers)

I vaguely remember that it wasn’t grind-able the previous round…

For now it looks like a pay only event.

Yes, but … What I think is that stage 1 which ones off world energy is fine, that lets you open one of the 3 maps (Innovia, Romanov, Raven) and give you enough energy to complete it, with some left over incase you make 1 mistake, you then get 1 straight jacket.

You need 3 straight jackets to open the last map. Now this is where the grindablity becomes a bit murky. I am not sure how we will get the fuel or tokens to unlock the other 2 maps without having to pay.

You should be at least be able to grind 1/3 rd of the event.


One roadmap for free, pay for the other two like most of these cut and paste rehashes.

True love doesn’t come cheap. Even post zombie apocalypse.


have to pay for the other 2 roadmaps and the energy needed to run it … once you complete all that, the offers for the energy run dry … meaning you can only get up to about (less than) 4k in the mission rewards … nothing has been added to grind further than this point … seems another bait and switch event like the coin stash

u can try
u never know, scopely might have stuff up again and give ultra drops in the last map

This is my exact experience, sitting around waiting for more offers to run the map more

How much is the 2nd offer?

I cant remember all them, four offers though, two for hearts one at 4.99 and one at 9.99 and then 2 for the energy (333 blue hearts) at 7.99 I think?

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Thank you

You get the balloons by doing the love end roadmap but you gotta pay for the candy after 400.

Love is never free

Aint this the damn truth.

Unless it’s elementary school and high school love.

Apparently “true love” is also a washed up ex- who is no longer relevant in “the meta”.

Those aren’t free either. Those benzathine penicillin shots are expensive and painful.


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(I only have ADHD, Anxiety. So I dont know the pain of having to have medicine around aka inhaler and shots)

I think that is probably just some bitter scopely employee basing the plot on their own real life I’ll-advised drunken reunion. We’ve all been there.

And anyways, if davie does find true love, scopely would have to think up something new for next year’s valentine event, so I’m thinking he won’t be lucky this year either…

Romanov will be giving Davie and very large portion of man love :two_hearts:

yep its become a right bore on the game … stashes etc they can’t even keep up with their own ludicrous monetisation of the game

now they have a stupid RNG bag offer … no thanks i dont want to 400 coins for a guaranteed 13 WD candy … not even 1 run through of an already bad RNG roadmap

Grindable by using cash