Davie's Love Story [Feb 2020]

Hello Survivors,

We’re excited to announce the next chapter in Davie’s love story in the all-new “Davie’s Love Story” Roadmaps, where Davie searches for his next romantic partner :wink:. Play now and choose where his heart goes while earning great rewards!

Start by playing through the “Love: Start” Roadmap and then choose if Davie falls for Ivanova, Raven or Romanov by unlocking a “Choice” Roadmap. Each “Choice Roadmap” rewards a Strait-Jacket. Players who obtain 3 Strait Jackets will be able to unlock the “Love: End” Roadmap, which will reward gear bags and have a chance for “Heart Balloons” drops. “Heart Balloons” are used to complete “Davie’s Love Missions” that provide trainers, S-Class items, Armory Tokens and more!

Event Start Time: 2/4/2020 at 12:00PM PST
Event End Time: 2/17/2020 at 12:00PM PST

:heart: We hope you can feel the love in the air :heart:

Note: Due to a technical restriction with the region transfers, War of Champions participants will lose progress in the “Davie’s Love Missions” event mission when transferring out of the War of Champions region. While this functionality is intended for normal region transfers, we do not want to negatively impact War of Champions participants experience with this event. As a result, we will be crediting War of Champions participants their previously earned balances of “Heart Balloons” by end of day 2/18. War of Champions participants should ensure that they remain on the region they wish to obtain the “Heart Balloons” from 2/17 to 2/18 to ensure they are delivered to the appropriate region. All other players should expect that their event mission progress to reset normally when transferring between regions.



Will we have to pay to get to the hilarious parts of the story this time or nah


I wanna break up… is not me its you

Do you reemburse us with dog paw prints too

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Or is it my breath?

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Well, only the 1% will get the balloons. What are the odds on that drop rate?

A chance to play roadmap to earn a chance for item need to unlock next part where you get chance to earn chance for a chance .

When you get all that , you open a whell where you pull priya cones that you dont need…all 5 of them


@ForumAdmin care to give details about region transfers?

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Okay scopes. Thanks. I think. What about torches? And stuff? Screenshot_2020-01-11-23-16-26-1


Maybe you can give me my arena rewards while u on and fix this dumbass game for once

Hahaha! This is scopes your talking about. Keep on surviving!

If this shit is locked behind pay to get so you can do roadmaps you can take this double middle finger scopes.

Another only pay 2 win can complete event…



You guys did this roadmap already

Yaay, another grind event where there are a lot of chances to get nothing a lot more chances to get a walkie !!
Oooh yaay, sounds terribly fun !!
We, the players, are excited to tell you Scopely that we dont give a f’n F …
So get your event and your devs, and get ready to see nothing coming out of our wallets.
We hope you can feel the hate in the air : its all for you :heart:

Besides, this event already happened last year so c’mon, stop being that petty boys, this is beyond ridiculous …


Hi there Scopes, thank-you for announcing this new story road map, it sounds like it will be a fun story, and I am looking forward to going through it. It should be a hoot :smiley:

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Davie goes gay again 82286969_2226666007638202_1289702658067660800_n


Why is this functionality intended for normal transfers? We don’t have unlimited time now to transfer, we are stuck for months. You and you alone decide when transfer window will be and if you decide to nuke our progress.

Erm I thought people in woc region get kicked out on the 17th so how can we stay there til the 18th @ForumAdmin

lol…i hope this is genuine.