Davie roadmap is stupid


how the hell do you beat the final stage? marlon x2 with 19k attack each, a koa with 9k defense? lol?

Road map insane

To beat it you must keep surviving


Sounds like a casual roadmap to me


Stupid stupid stupid insane


I’m not there yet but that sounds like a stage where I’ll bring my green stun team and alpha decap


Let’s hope they didn’t add a timer :joy:


I see no roadmap


k. beat it by loading up both atk/defense gas grenades, incense and ranged def boost. super annoying. lol


It was pretty easy. Nice little challenge, but still easy.

If anyone believes Damage reflect is rigged on SR, go use damage reflect with a 1* on the last map.


One word sums up the final stage…



Stage is so stupidly absurd, it’s making me laugh hard.


Guys where do see that…I don’t have it…can anyone screenshot it


Lol I had more trouble with stupid evasion violet. But yeah wtf these stages hard af


hahah dude same. was doing like 65 damage per attack and then she was just 1 shotting all my toons


nice point out with the reflect dmg.

Guess you gotta fight cheap with cheap. lol

It took a few refills to get the reflect to work right especially when only having 2 reflect weapons but i manage to get through.


Dope stats.


7* will be coming sooner than we hought


All that trouble for 2 bronze mods…lol


Oh you don’t need to use it at all. Davie’s bleed/lacerator should melt through Violet in a few turns. Just keep her stunned and it’s easy.

I threw in that damage reflect thing because some players have a hard time understanding why damage reflect works poorly in war/raids compared to SR.



More like 27k attack, and 36k defense…