Davie bug - AP gain

Hello Davie has bug. He receives 50% less AP than others… pic below

Can you show his character card with his rush detailing the ap level?

Can’t recreate this. Very curious what’s going on. Can you show all the screenshots for the opponents? And did you craft that onto Davies weapon or copy in the stats from another weapon?

It’s not working. I can send you video. Just give me e-mail. Here i can’t. I fighted once and it worked then just get bugged or smth. Trust me.

You can email me the video at ladygeek.rts@gmail.com. did you craft 8% on Davies weapon or copy it in from another weapon?

I crafted it on original weapon. Is it matter? I will send you videos when it worked and then…

I sent you

  1. when it works
  2. when it doesnt work
  3. Davie with original weap +8% AP
  4. Davie with not-original weap +20% AP
  5. to have other point od view: camila with 20% AP which worked
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Got them. Thanks. It shouldn’t matter but it helps us track down the bug.

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Let me know please when you watch and what do you think about it :slight_smile:

Update: i think it is important. Now i fight with the same team as i put ss/send you video with zombies. NOTE: at 1st wave, Davie got 9 AP (bugged) then at 2nd, 3rd … and more he got 26 AP which is good amount. Probably 1st turn (which in raid is only 1) is bugged

Something new??? Still doesn’t work and that’s my main attack and i can’t use it :rage:

Definitely a bug, not with Davie. Receipt of info acknowledged by Scopely, but no ETA on a fix.

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