Davidson region

We’ve been open for about a month now, we missed the war two weeks ago and didn’t get any event during that time period. Are we not getting war this weekend either? As nothing has showed up for us yet.

You guys didn’t give us war 2 weeks ago and still nothing yet…Whats going? I need war damnit.

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Common Scopely! Are we the newest region that you should be nurturing to grow? Or are we the completely forgotten region? Two consecutive war events we are not included. How on earth do we get collection items for war exclusive S Class toon if u dont give us war event! And theres no faction events either. We’re about to die of boredom here! Give us the war event ASAP!!!


New regions of all things is what scopely should be catering to… Lmao this company is a joke

I’m not asking for them to cater to a new region. Jesus. We were just wondering about war. LOL.

I was only joking. No need to get so angry.

Lol, okay I apologize I then. We just wanted war. Looked forward to it since we were left out of the last one. So was just bummed out.

You guys really should have AOW at the very least though. I’m not in a new region, but that’s what I’d think you guys would most likely need more than CRW. In a years time or so I’d probably say you’d get CRW.

Normally newer regions would get AOW while others got CRW. Just not sure why we aren’t getting any faction events at all.

You guys would get stomped in crw. That’s why I said aow would be best.

I simply meant that they should make sure things in the new regions go right

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