Dave TTT for players council

Dave TTT - Application to Players Council:

My faction and I want to thank the current PC members for their effort and hard work to make this game a better experience and want to help to get even more get accomplished by officially applying to become a part of PC.

TTT is one of the oldest top factions in the game (with the likes of Mofos). Part of that is because of good communication within the faction as well as a good organization. I have had a huge impact on that within Trópos and would like to have that same impact on PC. I am a vocal voice in Line and on the forum to provide help and ask questions for you to get to your answers.

I believe the current constellation of PC should allow us to have one helping hand in there. I want to state in my time in the game I grew in a mostly free to play faction, who became mid tier, as well as I have competed at the top end of the game so I’ve had personal experiences at all levels. Although TTT would classify as a "whale“ faction (similar to other faces in PC) we are empathetic enough to know what the game needs and what has to be improved. Saying yes and amen to Scopely and others will not improve anything and will rather lead to stagnation. It‘s about time that TTT also gets some blame for everything that‘s happening in PC.

What my team and I have to offer?

  • An amazing community that goes beyond the faction with well known people that are part of what we are like Alex, Shauna from Mofos, Rickygrimes, Jeep and some of the best players in the game

  • Opinion from a healthy environment that is smart and empathetic to know what the game needs and prioritizes the game over the faction

  • Causing no drama on all fronts

  • Many people from different timezones that are active across the globe and have strong opinions on the game and how to improve it

I also want to call out I applied in the past without any reply @GR.Scopely

Let me and my experiences along with the community I’m in touch with help grow the game to be as exciting and entertaining as we all want it to be.

Yours truly,

Dave, Trópos Ton Theon


I support this candidate application


You forgot to tag @Gov to make it a reality :wink:


Great application, hope you make it


Like I said before Scopely should really start selling PC memberships. While its a hot thing.

Btw how come auctions are still not present in RTS?

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For sure, some idiots would even pay for this. :joy:

Get it Dave! :hugs:


I put two votes in

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Dave has my vote! go Dave go


When you are applying with TTT in your title I think it shows where your loyalty lies. I dont know you nor have nothing against ttt but I think you should rethink your application. It seems to be response to other top factions members having representation and you wanting ttt to have some. Wrong thinking imo but gl.


I’m in touch with many more levels of play and players than just Trópos. Do I show loyalty in my name to my faction, sure, but that does not take away from any help I can provide to the community in general or said loyalty to the player base.



:+1::+1: - everyone knows I’m a huge fan of diversity so here’s my cheer for you.



I :heart: you Dave. I think you would be an amazing addition to PC. You have all of my votes!


Is this a thing now? People are just going to start petition themselves for the enunch council?

Well you wouldn’t be the worst Rep out there. Good luck.


I support adding Dave into PC. Other than a shared chat idk him but I’m solid with another TTT member who speaks highly of Dave and what he intends to bring to the table for us as a community.


I agree that Dave will be a great contributor. We are not a well known faction, nor are we big spenders, but he has helped my faction and myself many times. Whether it be information or questions i am seeking answers for. He has also kept me updated with new information that he can access that I would not have been able to get with out him. I can attest to his willingness to help other players and factions in the game.


if gov approves i approve!

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Go Dave Go!


To my mind PC should include members from top3 factions by definition.