Data lost, please help me to Get iT back

Lost my data, What to do. Help

Scopely please help to get my data back, i had a transfer key.

Sorry you’re having problems. It’s a little unclear from just ‘lost my data’ what happened. Did you run into a restart loop after trying to transfer? What exactly happened? The best thing to do, actually, is to contact support via their web page, as they’re likely the only team that can help you. But if you post more details, other players may offer suggestions as well.

did you connect account with facebbook?

or send screenshot here, what you getting.

Thanks, i transfer to other region. Had a key, but lost my data. Toon and level 127

Your best bet right now is to contact support, either in game or with the link posted above.

Thanks, done iT.

Have data back, Thanks all.

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