Data error, need help please


So now you’re back @JB.Scopely could you have a look into this please? I posted it when you were off and it got closed probably without you reading it, please see below: or perhaps @Shawn.Scopely could have a look at it please? I had a reply since then from CS asking me to make sure im using Wifi or have good connection so I wont even comment on that.

@JB.Scopely perhaps you or some of the forum users may have an answer to this as the CS is not gracing me with a reply.

Im getting this error code when trying to access the game using the phone’s data. When on Wi-Fi the game works fine but as soon as I try to access it using data then i get this error message - TLS 29312

Just to be clear - I have plenty of data and other apps that use data work absolutely fine. It started about a week ago or so.


Can you please paste below a way to identify your profile?
Player Name / Faction Name / Region Name

This way I can simply forward the thread for attention.



Twisted / Shield / Brooks

and thank you @JB.Scopely


Does the walking dead app have data enabled? you can disable it for certain apps but wifi will always work.

  • you can also reset your phone “Network settings” and not do a factory reset.
  • Settings >Data Usage ​ and make sure it isn’t restricted
  • Clear Cache and Clear Data


thanks, ill check but I haven’t done anything to my data settings at all. This error just started one day out of nowhere. I reinstalled the game since then as well and no luck.


Sometime when i reinstall my apps they have different settings next time so i always double check just incase there is an easy fix


just checked it and the data usage is not disabled


I sometimes get a similar issue if i forget to disconnect my VPN before killing wifi - longshot but if you use a VPN try disabling that maybe


thanks mate but i dont use vpn at all


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