Data compatibility issues

I have a couple players who are unable to access game and receiving “data compatibility issues”

Neither is in Beta.

Is there a fix for this?


I have googl e play on my phone and an Amazon tablet… Downloaded the update on my phone and I get this message on my tablet. Different devices maybe? Amazon is usually a few days behind on updates so I’m stuck on my phone for a while

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When updates are rolling out, different devices may receive game updates at different times, especially if they’re different platforms. Have them check the game version on every device they’ve used (including the version on any device that someone else may have logged in on with their account :wink: ).

Theyre both good now.
Thank you.

Could you please PM me your account code so we can have a look for you?

Also could you update your game to the latest version available and see if this fix the issue?


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