Dash Told Me Why Scopely Won't Increase Timer

Like most things Scopely, they gave me an awful reason and back then most people agreed with him. I was told that Scopely won’t increase the timer because they don’t want people getting raided by multiple people at the same time. This was obviously just an excuse for Scopely not to do any work.



The 5min timer you have to kill? Its plenty time tbh but what needs to be fixed is the animations of effects like ap drain, life steal, burn, bleed, etc and also if not auto x3 the enemy team will legit sit there for a few seconds like wtf


It’s 3 minutes not 5.


It isn’t awful; it’s logical. It may not be apparent with RTS where you can log in while being raided, but play a game like CoC where you can’t log in for like 3-5minutes while others are raiding you because they’re stealing your resources.

The 3 minute timer is essentially there so that the raid system can determine if you can be raided by a different person if you don’t have a raid shield. If they increase the timer to like 10 minutes, it could essentially mean that no one else can raid you for 10 minutes if the person doesn’t end the raid, which is illogical and stupid.

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5 minutes is more then enough, the issue like stated is how long all the new stats takes to play out after ur turn that’s what takes longer

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That’s why we have bots and people already ghosts so what’s the point? Also, I’ve gotten raided by 2 people at the same time before. People also farm without having a shield and can’t get raided(if they’re not idle) so the reasoning for this makes no sense. Even if someone ends a raid in less 3 minutes, you still can’t just raid them if they’re not idle.

I’ve personally never had 2 defeats at the same time, but I’ve seen it happen to others and it was clarified as a glitch if I remember correctly.

While the “ghosting” thing is illogical too, but it doesn’t justify bad concept decisions either.

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How is it a bad concept decision? What benefit does having a 3 minute timer that causes frustrating losses have over a 5 minute timer that allows room for more strategy?

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Bad IMO. 3 minutes is a good enough factor to see if you can beat the team or not. Not changing to 5 minutes isn’t necessarily an “awful” decision, it’s the limitations set by them. We’re essentially getting into opinion territory now.


You mean spend $500 on one of these new OP 6*? Yeah, that’s fair…

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I do not believe hear say

That’s BS, especially when we’re talking about teams that heal over and over again and require you to build AP (sometimes) to beat them. 3 minutes isn’t enough when you’re dealing with 2 HS, Holly, and a couple of revives unless you’re using a really strong team.

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So you’re saying your team can’t build up AP in 3 minutes? Any team can, the real issue is if you can stop the enemy from using their ARs at the right time while you use yours at the right time.


One time I got timed out while shield Jesus needed 1 more hit and I would have won. So stupid.

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Meh. I can think of a lot more things that are less of a problem. Though I agree they should be focusing on things that are more important. But we all know they won’t.


So you’re saying different teams aren’t slower than others on offense?

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And you’re stupid for posting a reply that doesn’t add value to this thread. Probably some Whale that runs dual shields.

Go troll some other thread. An opinion from a fool like you means nothing to me.

No I’m saying it’s bullshit that even the slowest team can’t build AP in 3 minutes. You might get impaired, stunned, or AP reduced, but we all know the real threat with tank defense teams are the heal, revive, and buff loop that most offense teams can’t take down.

No one has real issues building AP, the real issue people have is getting a team to surpass the tank defenses and revives.