Daryl Dixon Character

Is there a reason why he isn’t in the game as a character?

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AMC owns the character’s rights.


RTS is based off the comics. Daryl is a show only character. Scopely has put in their own original characters and I think Yvette was like a superfan or something, but no characters from the show that arent in the comics make an appearance

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Because of copyrights

This is it.

Also just to expand, the character personalities are based on the comics, ie) you won’t find Rambo Carol in the game since she did very little and died early in the comics.


Yes she died trying to bang a zombie at Woodbury.

They could make a character based on him but not actual Daryl. they call him Maryl and have him be a red neck, with a very mean brother Derle and uses a crossbow, knives, and is in love with a deaf news reporter 'Donnie"


Every char is here from comics. (Some are from tv) If they apppear in the show but not ingame. They’re not in the comics.

These characters are based on the comics and the Telltale game. The TV only characters are owned by AMC.

I’ve been told that there was a Dixon brothers storyline early in the game and they were killed off. That’s never been verified but I have no reason to believe the person was lying about it.

Yeah there was gonna be a dying light crossover too.
No reason to believe I’d lie about that

Here’s one: it’s not true.


Totally false


@Ashers - everyone already answered the questions already :slight_smile:

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Please keep scopely far away from Dying Light

No. We have more than enougth of their stupid as$ Orginal Characters. This Game was supposed to be based of the Comics. It barely is anymore. Now please don’t give them Ideas for even more stupid as$ Randoms

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There commiefornia
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Well that confirms it from GR. Too bad people are gonna keep asking like they have years ago.

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Putting in non-character from the comic book would be dumb. We could also say the same about Lee and Clem and all the TWD character from the franchise game crossover but it is acceptable because it in different apart of the TWD timelines with mention of characters from the main comic thru the game.

It is a debatable subject. I would wait 2 years then licensing won’t be a issue as the main show, TWD, will be discontinued while the spin offs continues.

Eventually, the shows will be done in 5 years as they will face the same fates as CSI when rating pummels.

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