Daoist Prayer Beads

So my faction mate ended up completing both the stashes and got this.

Since, there’s 500 of them, I’m guessing they are the collection item for the next S class, which release/be a part of the upcoming typhoon event. These are my thoughts and guesses on the same.

The typhoon event is based on the walking dead: typhoon novel that releases on Oct 1st. The event would most likely start before that.

It is most likely a ‘pathways’ like event. This guess is based on the fact that they had a very long survey at the end of pathways. Plus I think pathways was a rushed test run with old toon rewards, except piper.

Maybe their plans for a pathways like event has changed since Elena , a character from typhoon, is already available in game. She was one of the leaks along with the Typhoon S Class and also a character in the excerpt from the book.

Waiting to see what they bring out. I just hope it’s not a plain S Class launch.


Only 10500 and two fully maxed normal toons then

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Typhoon is expected sept 9th,

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I think we have a winner. I agree. Definitely for one of those two leaked s class toons.

How do you know? :smiley:

Source of this information?

They are guesses, as mentioned.

The idea of the prayer beads is you rub them and pray. For example,

“I pray Scopley doesn’t fudge up Maggie, just like they have every ascendable since Rick and Douglas”


It’s totally for the monk one judging by design

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@GR.Scopely how close is my guess?

How much did that cost him? And was it worth it.

Probably not I’m guessing

Well I guess I can quit now that I got OP Sergio thanks for info.


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