Dante. Heal working incorrectly

Dante’s heal is healing people on his team with the highest health, instead of the lowest health… Hopefully this is not working as intended or his heal is pretty useless.

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Been having that same issue with Maggie’s active skill

New threat governor gives ap to people who are already maxed with their rush

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Game’s perfect, don’t you dare to post negative stuff over here ugh :expressionless:


@ForumAdmin, @kalishane
Anything? This is a serious problem. A 6 * character isn’t working properly. And as the other replies show, others aren’t working correctly either.

I noticed this with my Dante as well and the only thing I can think of is why it is this way is to make sure the person who gets revived isn’t the main priority of the heal as well and if that isn’t the case I would agree it is a bug.

So I think the defense buff would prioritize differently than a heal and the defense buff is called first and everything follows after that.

I am not 100% sure though as this is just a guess.

@fearGreg Also make sure to @CombatMan if you need to know something battle/combat related. He is one of the go-to duders and his response time is pretty damn good. (Please don’t let meh down here CombatMan lol)


Bug was reproduced and logged and is fixed for an upcoming content release


Thanks! Appreciate the response!


Since the last update (March 2018) Dante heals properly :wink:

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