Dante discussion


Thoughts on him?

Appears to be straight trash, particularly compared to Erika.

Inferior stats, the revive hp puts him in danger of execution, and his leader skill is sub par.

Anyone planning to go for him/use him? What do you find desireable?


Some dude in my region dropped $400 to get him. I hope he is satisfied with his purchase


He is Meh at best. Leader skill keeps the reds away with the Blues getting some love, but so easy to control the ARs and the reds will smoke the greens before the blues do too much anyway


Single pull ftw. I feel sorry for the guy who spent $400 bucks


40 pull got 4 5* n 2 6*




Very nice @Chip . I cannot tell you how bad I want Lucas.


He’s a decent healer compared to most others lead skill makes way for a very nasty setup considering the fact that double command is possible could see him being the leader of a nasty team if you balence it right he works in a melee team so someone worth going for since Green and blue do have some good picks like shiva Carl viktor Glenn siddiq garret etc he’s not a bad toon not too op not underpowered so yeah a very well toon where he has some great strengths and flaws


He’s going to be very annoying on a Carl team especially when you have to deal with other super annoying toons as well


he is not pure trash
Worth to pull with free coins
(Actually not free. Scopely get paid and gain trust from investor and advertisers by we click and stay online to participate)

For my opinion he is better than Karl or Erika
If I get him I will put Karl and Erika in the freezer

He is perfect for denfence. (for me)


Better than erika? Are we talking about in melee team only? I would set erika has a leader over mirabelle but not dante over carl.


Erika you know to hit with blues.

Carl you know green or red.

Dante… Going with a trait advantage leaves u open to a disadvantage

But I got no ascension medals so doesn’t matter to me.


If it was attack it’d be even more useless on defense. Defense or hp is required sadly.

Agree 40 defense is better than hp.

40 attack is only useful when attacking. On defense you become too squishy and lose 1-2 toons turn 1.


When he popped up i was excited to see a melee reviver. Then i started checking him out. The def buff on rush is cool along with the heal. But the revive with 20% Hp is not that great. He brings them back to be killed in 1 hit 2 most. Run him on lead and you can pick and choose who you hit and who you can let rush. He is not overwhelming great as a lead and an ok reviver but if i see him on defence im not going to think oh no its Dante. Being green means you cant really protect him other than AP down. My attack team that is a double Ty attack insures that when there are heads on the ground there aint no coming back anyway. He is a good toon but i wont be spending a dime to get him.



Just to check.

Dante can reanimate a teammate with 20% and gives 3 others a care on 2 turns.

Question: Can the resuscitated teammate benefit from the treatment?

If so, a defense bonus and a care on 2 turns will make it really interesting :slight_smile:


The character that gets revived shouldn’t get the heal over time.


I agree that Dante lead with double command from Glenn and Siddiq could be a good sleeper defense.


The governor will make his lead basically useless, being a red neutralizer. Its to bad he’s in Scopely Jail


Imo it’s time for. Governor but I bet they are waiting to milk as many huge AP when attacked leads before releasing a widely accessible neuter toon.


Take that with the biggest grain of salt you can find.