Damn it scopely...smh

God damn it scopely after I thanked yall for this game this is what ya do for the first event of 2020(technically) you make a barely f2p event an not to mention how you are forcing the sc members to pay extra it’s just pathetic.

To clarify I don’t want to hate you in fact I dislike hating people but your making want to hate you the reason why so many players are here is probably the same reason as me. My reason for staying around is because this game has POTENTIAL this game CAN BE GOOD it just means not thinking about the money just means thinking about us the players.

So my want nay my DEMAND is that with these Telltale toons leaked I want you make the toons Minerva and Clem a pick your side event only then I and possibly many others can forgive you


Or make next league a telltale one

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True and next year its only more S toons paid and more and more very grind events for nothing and OP toons for p2p and f2p dont have nothing.


This game can be good they have potential but they constantly do stuff we dislike if they asked us what we want before they released it I’ll be better


So with events they can ask us if we want a pick your side or last words🤮

Relly,this game need go to another company,scopely do only s…t ,nothing good and bugs and bugs in game

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Agreed DeNA would be better but there a Japanese company

Gold bars S toon they dont speak nothing and paid S they launch every 2 weeks

Supercell or tencent is good companys to make this game grow again.

The thing is scopely is a 1 billion company so it ain’t a money issue it’s them being greedy

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Next league toon is Abel.

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As long as everyone keeps giving scammers money
Then scammers will scam.

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Well the good news is better mobile games are coming out for us mobile folk,Who knows som1 might think up one simular to this :wink: .

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Lmao :joy::joy::joy:

I like the leaks my only problem is there’s no lily but yet there’s that other woman and there’s no James the whisperer

this game and company is the most annoying of 2019

I’m here to hate and some girls are pretty

Yeah , chose your side event only for 20$ a day . The event last for 14 days .

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