Damn GR.Scopely we see you

@GR.Scopely I see you with that pfp now if I could have info regarding that and you know with the gold bars

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Why did he does that lol? Now I’d just think he’s some kind of troll

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Superclasse now

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Since you seem to have found his profile, why not review his last few posts. He has comment on the gold brick situation multiple times in the last week.


Are you responsible for this? If so, kudos :wink:

He is proving his dominance and showing us he is the S-Class version of JB Scopely


Im gonna go s class hunting

The S is for superman cause he’s all over these forums at the speed of light. Lol.


The S more likely represent scamly

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@Dave-TTT he is :stuck_out_tongue:

@Wolfy @Samuel1 lol


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