Dale reigon is almost dead. Cross war issue

15 factions competed in our last reigon war. Yes we won our 12000 tokens for Wyatt. Pretty sad that dale is dying and being neglected. Also stop putting our reigon against the top 3 reigons in cross reigon wars. Makes no sense. We have no chance to win. Yes im in one of the top 2 factions in dale. Make dale a winning reigon sometime too. Seen a few other top faction members leave to other popular reigons. Game is dying unless you fix.

Sigh - sorry to hear this :confused:

Collect your region prizes and be happy. If you can’t keep up with other regions in crw, just accept that you get easy region prizes and that’s enough. Don’t see why you should be set up to win in region war. What do you want, to fight a new region and bragging rights for it?


I agree. I’m in a closed region also, also the top faction of that region and we get matched with 5 other dead/closed regions. We don’t win, but we always place top 10. And honestly, of course we’d like to win, but we try, and that’s the main thing. Worst we’ve placed is 6th out of I think 20 factions for CRW.

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I would hope crw encourages more of your players to get better. Sadly I suspect most are in auto pilot, so you’d have to burn bridges and risk more players choosing to pack up if you even thought about consolidating.

crw is never gonna be worth anything.

Winning CRW is already reserved for the biggest of tryhards.

CRW is fun, but only works if the game overall appeals.

Right now the game is basically a grind fest for gear and trainers.
This is why no one wants to return.

Wars have lost their mystique.
They are just another faction activity that has the best interactive aspects.
Fun but the whole experience

Oh it does. The first CRW with 6*s we learned a lot as a faction. How far behind we were compared to other regions. But it was still a great experience.

Hey Charles!
Im also in Dale. And I love that quaint lil region. And also dont want to see it die. Crw are bunk.
Something needs to be done to improve this event and make it more evenly matched.
Merging regions with low actives would def help.

You mean it’s meant for the heaviest spenders for their scraps.