Daiyu collection

Is/was there supposed to be a Daiyu collection? I thought in the original post it said 500 velvet cakes and a Daiyu for collectibles, could be mistaken though.

Havent been collection for Wanfang. I their so behind or their slowing down the S class

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They lied again but no one seems to care or we just too used to it to bother. I did mention it in the pc weekly wtf did we do thread. I, also, pmed a pc member but they said they were basically too busy to deal ask about it. However, pc, has it’s own agenda and this isnt part of it.

I have changed the post over the weekend as this line regarding the collection did not refer to a collection at the museum.

Sorry for the confusion and I apologize for any inconvenience caused.

How does this happen twice gr? The same thing existed in Wangfa release. Can you imagine getting a coupon from mcdonalds for a free fry if you buy big mac. Then have the manager take your coupon throw it in the trash and saying what coupon? It is ridiculous for you to not honor the offer or give compensation.


It’s like going for a heart operation but getting breast reduction instead.

All good buddy. We are used to incompetence by now.

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