Daily Survival road .. scoplay says:

Scoplay: we are allowing players to earn more markers than ever before!

Also scoplay: we are raising the prices of the depot

Also also scoplay: we are adding some of the walkers from hords to make it more fun and exciting!!

Scoplay whispers to other executives: what they dont know is we are going to make it virtually impossible for the average player to complete… hehehe


I am just wondering… what actually is the average player tho??

Like most ‘average’ players gave up on SR at around the lvl 260-300 mark in the early days imo. Is it still really hard at that spot?

Yes 401 is hard and a pain in the arse but im just trying to establish when it becomes too hard now.

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: scopely be trolling :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I’m at 299 and on stage 8 I faced a walker hord that had several taunt walkers all of which targeted a separate toon so I couldn’t do anything. I had the same thing happen to me a couple of days ago when I failed because of the same thing.

Most average players in my region finished 400 in the early days before it got hard

I was at 370 odd then gave up, back to 320 odd, so thank full for that

Gonna call BS there mate. It got hard at around level 250 in the 5* days. I know this because only myself and about 3 other people in my region kept doing it past that level in the 5* era. Eventually I was the only one left and stopped at 300 basically because i was over spending 30+ minutes doing it every day.

Once a couple of 6* came out then people started to move up again.

Yes. I mostly stopped SR due to boredom at 227. I just restarted yesterday, and while I was able to finish the daily SR, it was like the last few levels of nightmare road before I hit the wall.

I can see that this is going to get VERY difficult VERY quickly. It also took at least 4 times as long as the SR in the past (I’d do it about once every week or so).

My main team is S11 if it matters, and I have a zombie team that used to just breeze through even mixed human/zombie levels. Now it is an absolute struggle and I’ve lost several entire teams on some levels.

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It seems like what was once easy has now been adjusted up. So if you stopped and never went back what was easy at say level 250 is now hard. My level 400 was much harder the day after the change went in to effect. I haven’t even moved to 401 yet.

For example stage 1 is All Tough enemies but only allowed Traits are Alert and Strong. So already I have no trait advantage and one of the options is weak to Tough. All my good 6* are holding TTs right now so I can’t really take them on yet. Once that’s up I’ll try sending my best Strong fighters to take this single stage, then I know I’m in for a hell of a fight with headshot resistance walkers and crazy leveled 6* characters.

Getting u to spend resources so u have to BUY more, cos ur chasing the dream of getting platinum mods… as the VP said, getting them to chase the refresh. Make em want something else for something else. Instead of you do A to get B it’s now u get A to get B to get C to get D etc

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