Daily Survival Road - Balancing issue

Daily Survival Road on a level 11 character (newly unlocked)

Bronze level, I click the “start battle” button, what greets me?

5 6* toons ready to stomp my 4* team’s face.

Tell me Scopely, is this okay?

Please explain @GR.Scopely WHY do you have to mess with survival road?

Ran into the same problem took me almost a week of trying with new account to beat one stage of SR

u.got any reflect weapons, chuck them on a weak char and let them attack it
leave one guy alive and good luck trying to kill it
(if u reflect health the last guy it resets the round)

new account i know i do not have any on my mini account.

yeah it’s tough, u cant even use too many 6 stars since dogtags are limited

Yes, let me just get a reflect weapon on my level 11 character yes

you should check us out…we’ve already addressed issues.

agreed. you should join us here:

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