Daily survival pull

jb.scopley i am not demanding much , but please let us stock our daily survival pull .


u want too much lol

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They would gain at least one subscriber in me if they did that. Pretty stupid they don’t.

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1 ( YES one ) acc Character blue Barker.
All the rest 4 stars .

Preety stupid they made SC.

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If it afforded a player a player three ten pulls a month or s forty every month a half for 25 bucks, then it’s s great deal. Single pulls are just annoying. Obviously if they won’t let them stack, that is saying something about the odds of a single pull compared to the odds of a ten or forty. Very easy to just give a daily token that allows them to stack.

Yes it does. It tells you (as Scopley have asserted before) that the only benefit of doing multiple pulls at once is that the price value is reduced. There is no difference in the odds if you do 40 single pulls at one time (a.k.a a 40 pull) or 40 single pulls over 40 days.

The difference is probably the perception that we have as humans…

But… Consider this:

This week, they promote Chris, and two other toons I don’t want.

Next week, they promote a toon that I want (let’s just say its decap Sandy). By this time I would have accumulated 7 pulls for someone I want to go for.

So if your and scopelys assertion is true, why not allow the pulls to stack?

I don’t disagree with this argument.

I presume the answer is to stop someone saving up for say, six month, and guaranteeing* the particular premier of choice through the sheer volume of pulls they could do.

And also, because it probably discourages additional spending on premier pulls by limiting you to seven on a particular promo

*noting that noting is guaranteed in Scopely land

I would argue that allowing players to save daily pulls would encourage some to stick with the SC once they get Andrea maxed because as of right now if they don’t introduce another toon why would anyone stick with it?

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25 regions a day, member since day 1, 2 ascendables in random regions, 1 5*, rest 4*. U do the math.

As of now, I’m in it for the comics. That s it.

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You go to 25 regions and pull on each region? I don’t understand that at all. Why?

Boredom really. Needless to say i have had a lot of time on my hands recently so not much to do.

Yea but that would just infuriate me if I pulled let’s say Alice on a useless region.

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Pulled konrad (blue double atk) and shield jesus…

Yeah we know you keep posting about it

I posted once…in a thread asking ppl to post their pulls…

Yeah so why do you need to post again keep flexing