Daily RTS reflections

11/7 video:

So I have decided to do daily rts smart ä$$ vids on my YouTube between the actual helpful content which takes more time…

Today’s topic: @JB.Scopely and his super secret leader chat (hint: you know nothing john snow)…so for those wondering what happens in JB chat…

I also posted yesterday some insight into pulls and the new outlook on pulling a 6⭐…

If you guys have any fun ideas for tomorrow let me know :kissing_heart:


And btw I am bored this time @meep_man :joy::hear_no_evil::joy:


You are a strange man.

Well … I have a uterus so yeah that would make for a strange man :joy::rofl::joy:


Well yeah it would.

Point of privilege point of privilege!

Can we please stop using personal pronouns!

Lol, this made me laugh.

I actually lol’d :rofl:

Today’s video:

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