Daily Roadmap missing?


Just to see if anybody has got today’s daily roadmap? i know its a Wednesday and its one of the rubbish road maps, but it hasn’t appears yet so I thought I would check if it is just me.


Nothing on my either


Mine’s gone too. Maybe they’re updating them to allow 6*s?


No map in Bacon either.


Thanks for the reply’s. Hopefully they are updating them to allow 6*, or maybe even another level of difficulty with greater prizes.


Hope that’s the case, they also said that there will be new gear roadmaps after this event but we’ll see how it will turn out.


I don’t have anything either hope we get a gear map soon


Hope there is a revamp coming. Maybe even Gold Radios for beanies/flaks.


I think they’ll just start the new roadmap along with the Sr event. We can only wait.


I also do not see the daily route. There’s nothing for my game today.


No gear map in Wilkinson yet today either.


Was wondering the same, maybe there’s a new event today? Usually they do things like this


No there hasn’t been anything all day since the boot camp expired


Hope there doing some serious updates and modifications.
The game needs some fundamental stuff upgraded


Oh no, where will I get more wood?!?!?


Le voilà le plan matériaux