Daily rewards flaw

Completing an arena battle is a new mission for the daily rewards. But on the final stage, without golden tickets, we cannot complete this mission. Unless we spend 250(!) coins. Can this be changed?


Also, if you have already done the arena the previous day (because of the arena/daily mission overlap), the only way to complete it is by spending 250 gold.
Both issues are big flaws.


Similar with mod scrap - if you converted the max amount in the hours between conversion reset and mission reset, you’re out of luck unless you have some boxes saved up.

you can always sell mod tickets, gold silver or bronze for that value


Right, that would work. I have a couple dozen mod scrap boxes saved up, so I had it covered.

Usually, the quest I’m failing is raids, because I can’t bring myself to do six. Need to work on that.

Just go in and flee. It counts as participation. As long as it doesnt say win you’re good

You get a free golden ticket if you use your free entry daily…

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Thank god you all are here to stay on top of the big issues

This is what Scopes does to increase your gaming experience :-1: @GR.Scopely

Best way to do this is to do 5 free entries in the week and then do one extra entry. Since they changed it from 7 arenas with overlap in a week down to 5, you can’t get by with only free entries in a week. There are usually some tickets in milestones and sometimes you get a ticket to drop when you successfully attack someone in arenas. Best we can do is remember to do one more attack on top of the free attacks to have a champions ticket.

Remember when you used to be able to get 15 coins like once a week for doing daily stuff and then scopely said screw the players. Ah the good ole days.

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t does get easier with s-class toons, when you get 2 or more its pretty much auto farm season

I don’t use S-class toons and won’t claim them. Will have to see what happens when it becomes completely impossible to win without them, might quit, switch to PvE only (new SR should keep me busy for a while), or maybe change my mind. (I know it’s not a principles stance, if I truly was I’d claim and depot them)

I can win raids without problems, it’s just so boring and pointless that I keep putting it off until it’s too late. I should probably do the attack and flee more often, but I guess I don’t like losing.

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