Daily Pathway Roadmap

Any idea when will be the last day of roadmaps? Need to calculate how many times I need to do Act1 Stage3. Thanks

There are 9 days left of the event. So if that helps I would use that as a guage.

Without gaining any from premium, and gaining only the 1st milestone of each faction one, you need to do bloody bandages 6 times, broken Lucilles once and Masks once. That will gain you the 300 masks and 300 Lucilles for the last 2 crossbones.

Thank you. I’ve been meaning to do the math to see which maps I had to run stage 3 of. But I think I may not have enough bloody bandages to run stage 3 6 times

You should end up with 159 bandages after doing the gov pathway. But that’s by the final day.
If you have done all bandage missions and all the mini daily bandage roadmaps and your faction has completed the 1st one, you should be on 243 collected up until this point. 100 used for Gov, and you should only be 7 away from being able to do it 6 times, which is ok as if you start now, you will collect those 7 before you can complete all 6 anyway.
My original Maths a week and a bit ago was for 27 not 28 days because I was leaving time for completion and not counting the last day, so you should be able to end up with 261 not 259 bandages collected totally by the end.

My numbers work out a bit different and I have to do the Lucille map 6 times. Might depend on if and where you spent extra items for the crates

Not sure if it helps, but maybe consider joining a more active faction to get their faction rewards, then leave right away.

Disclaimer: I haven’t tried this myself, not sure if it works. I’ve been told it does though.

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That is a good point, I used masks for my crates knowing in advance that I’d need to use bandages for the +3 of the others. We should still have the same amount of total collected though if we’ve completed the same missions.

I think I did 2 bandages and 1 of each of the others. All I have left to complete are the Hordes and the last 2 factions ones from territories and chance bags. My calcs also assumed I would complete all faction 2nd missions but not 3rds

Fair play, you’ll have a few more than me then if your faction is able to complete the 2nd band, that’s a huge ask though.

I must be in a shitty faction as we have not unlocked anything. Right now I’m looking at coming near 270 for each collection. IS it even possible for me without buying chance offers?

Event End:

  • July 31st, 2019 Wed 11am PST

Search is your friend. Right at the top in the official post

270 for each is pretty good. Right now I’m at 177 bandage, 152 Lucille, 257 mask, however I haven’t done a single stage 3 rm yet. You should get a big bump this Thursday with the hordes event and presumably the 3rd milestone by spamming yourself.

Faction wise, all we’ve done or will do is the first milestone for all. 2nd and 3rd milestones are out of our reach.

I know. But no mention about the daily roadmaps. Will we have 7 or 8 more? An extra day makes a big difference…3 or 4 supreme crates? Probably will have to settle for 3 since no info is given even though I asked @GR.Scopely

The event ends on that date, which I suspect exactly ties up with a map ending. Therefore if we’ve just had the map starting on 22nd July at 11am PST we’ll have another on 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29 and 30 (which ends on July 31st at 11am PST). Eight more


Ok cool. I burned my bones on the easier whisperers path because I didn’t think I could take the harder one. I just got my first supreme crate today. Sooo many benedicts wow.

Interesting. My mother always told me spamming myself would just give me hairy palms …

Seriously though, I think the idea that attacking your own defence counts isn’t confirmed at all

So not necessarily saying it won’t work but just that he said he didn’t say it. We likely won’t find out until it goes live

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So your saying theres a chance lol


Yes, but you may need to use a few more stage 3 daily roadmaps 25 for 2 3s, meaning you will get less chances at the big trainer boxes.
I’ll do the maths below:
Without any faction completions but completing all solos the following is possible:
200 Bandages
210 Masks
220 Lucilles

With 28 days you will be able to gain 56 extra of each, leaving you with 256/266/276. Minus 100 for each roadmap. So 156/166/176.
Using 150 bandages will gain you 18 more of each of the other 2, so now you are on 184 Masks and 194 Lucilles collected.
I see you said that you did the other Alpha roadmap, so as long as you have at least 50 masks left, you can use the masks maps to gain 6 more Lucilles to make the 300 total collected. If you want Piper you will need to use 150 Lucilles to make 18 more Masks since 15 won’t do. Leaving you with very few to complete the roadmaps for trainers.
So Piper is still possible for you as long as you still have at least 34 Masks left currently (as there are still 16 more left to come on the roadmaps). BUT then you will sacrifice your chance at the trainer crates.