Daily missions bug

I’ve ground through all 8 as per usual. It’s listing 8 but telling me I need to complete 10 and won’t give me my bag.

I’m really not impressed that things that used to work are now broken.

I am also experiencing a bug with the daily missions, however, I actually did receive the bag. Mine shows that I have completed everything except for the “Watch 3 complete videos” and yet I still received the bag. The weird thing is that I watched 5 videos (all of which were the same Wild West game video), but the missions show that I didn’t watch anything, nor did I receive any coins for watching the videos. :roll_eyes:

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Klondike? That was quite a good game. They set difficulty at a sensible level and gave out rewards when things went wrong. Not like some developers…

Nope not Klondike. It’s this West Game. This video doesn’t even play. The right side white box with game info is up the entire length of the video and the left side is nothing but a black screen. Once the video “finishes” it shows the image in the viewer.

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Sounds like an awesome video :slight_smile:

It is rather suspenseful!

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