Daily missions again


I know I have mentioned this before but… Who exactly benefits from the daily missions when this is the ultimate prize from completing them all?



I only ever do the ones that offer refills.


I will pick ones that give survivors or tokens even elite gear tokens. Sometimes. They give 15 coins complete them all for that…


The best usage ever from daily missions was during the Hold The Line Event. Had players really doing them to get handcuffs daily. I never know why they never went back to that ideology for other events


It’s definitely a pick a choose thing, only go for the things you really want, ie.) survivors, tanks, coins, replenish if you have the urge.


These missions are good when you are new to the game. They should adapt to player level or something, otherwise most of the missions are useless…
And they should definitely be used for tokens collection in events. Scopely missing good opportunities since before it was cool.


Honestly the whole game needs a revamp, including the scav missions (who the hell is gonna wait 2 days for wood), the goals on level up tourneys (1000 pts for lvling up 40 levels when milestones are in the hundreds of thousands), the daily missions like the OP mentioned, etc…


i agree that there should be better rewards for the daily missions. in the shop 1 smelling salt costs 80 coins, you currently have 42,480 coins worth of smelling salts

i vote that we should be able to sell items back to the shop at say half or even 1/4 of the coin cost that they sell them for


I got the dreaded smelling salt today! I only do them for coins or cans, SD point would be good, maybe these pearl necklace could be rewards like the handcuffs used to be.

Please scopely, can you sort this out.