Daily mission...so old so outdated

2+ yrs has passed and we still have the same daily rewards and it was really terrible… this is 2018 !!! I have to say it should update!!! nobody want ap mine or smelling salts… actually it should be ascend medal or 4*,5* token or anything else beside from trash. :weary:


AP mines are useful though…

Only for beginners though. :frowning:

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The coins and elite tokens are the only ones I bother to complete every thing for. Otherwise I just do the individual ones with rewards I want like high and deluxe replenishes and world or raid fills. Definitely need a upgrade on these as well as war chests.


The game need so many updates,
town expansion
Daily missions
Supply depot
War crates
Basic tokens
Reward system
And many more but it won’t happen any time soon i believe


я согласен с автором поэтому поставлю ++++ пора в этой игре менять все!!! желательно сделайте это изменение до большой обновы, которую вы нам готовите!!!))

за месяц игры можно ратушу до 20 лвл поднять, а мины доступны на 7 уровне, так что не убедил в их полезности)))

When asking for improvements to the game the most important thing you need to ask yourself is, “Does this make Scopely money?”.

If the answer is no then it’s not happening. Keep pulling for the premier recruits and keep on surviving!


Yeah, I totally agree. The rewards which are still useful
are the Coins and World Cans

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I’ve said this in another thread about a month ago, was just before they updated every one

In two and a half years of playing I’ve never used one, not a single one. That’s how useful I think they are. BYMMV!