Daily mission rewards

Opened my bag from yesterday, it didn’t have BP points in it. Is this a change for BP or a bug?

Theyre not in daily anymore.

That’s a bummer. Hundred points every day really added up across the season

It’s been replaced with a mission to login a certain number of times. Net effect is the same, just a different mechanism for rewarding the points daily. And this way, you get them for just logging in, you don’t have to complete all the daily tasks.


If you want official info

Kinda liked having them in daily reward bag cause its everyday not every 3 days 7 days and so on

They did it also so ppl can stock up bags to use on season 3 battle pass event

can or can’t?

I actually started to stockpile those bags when I finished the BP. I tried opening them as soon as the new BP dropped and I did get 2 bags to give me BP points. the other couple dozen did not so I suspect I beat them to some kind of inventory update.

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I did try to save a few but for some reason when I opened them they didnt have any of the battle point in them

BS. They knew that players that finished every BP weekly mission ended up finishing Battle pass & being able to save the daily mission bags with bp points in to get a head start next season.


Yep they tried to make out like the login mission was for our benefit, so we didn’t have to complete the daily missions :joy: they definitely did it so people couldn’t hoard the bags for the next season.


this :point_up_2: :100:

always amusing when the players are a few steps ahead of the developers

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The login is bs I think cause you dont get daily points now which I liked getting 120 points a day now its every couple days

You get more points in the 14 days though than you would have from 14 daily bags. So that is an improvement at least.

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you only get 100 after 3 logins when you could get 360 from the daily bags from 3 days

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Yes but after 14 days you’ll have 2100 instead of 1680 that you would have had from daily bags.

Diste en el clavo! Hay que sumar mucho en los eventos de scopely para saber si llegarás al final

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