Daily Login Rewards Still Missing



It’s been three months now into 2019, this was supposed to be a temporary hiatus but it’s almost April and still no sign of its return.

Sure it is trivial for most players but every little bit of tokens/gear helps out, especially newer players trying to establish.


7 day small login event happened in feb, but nothing to write home about.


I’ll take something for 1k log on I’m 31 away nevermind the daily they need to add something for how long of a streak you have is time and money spent can a menace get something only the other 1k log on get


Said who?


If it comes back should go by total days logged on the longer the steak the better reward you get day to day I don’t see why a person with a 5 day log on should get the same as let’s say 800 for example


At this point…i will be happy with even crappy log in rewards.


Haha I guess that’s true


They would be missing if they had been planned for, they hadn’t so they are not missing. Everything is as it should be.


Hundred percent I would love a 1 month login collections for 5* ascendable harlan


There is a daily login reward system in effect, you simply need to pay for it; it’s called Survivors Club. Cha-Ching!!!




Since everyone still playing without monthly login rewards they think that we dont need them


Birds chirping, no responses from cm, bees buzzing, everything is normal


Survivors club is a monthly subscription. There is no weekly change with regards to payment or rewards. There is daily login crate that you receive but currently no events are running that give monthly prizes

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