Daily Login Reward

Some of my facmates started having issues with their daily login rewards not being collectible. Instead, trying to collect causes the app to restart. Today’s reward has caused the same issue for me.

Its the last one and ony 250 tokens so no biggie


Same here on the last day, support said they are aware if the issue but there is no resolution yet… :thinking:


The resolution will be no compensation, a bug logged for a future update, and ignorance. The road to survival is fraught with perils.


I had a problem with it also but instead of that I received 4* tokens on a day I should have gotten epic tokens. I assume it’s because of the update I had to do. Support says I did get 5* tokens on the 28th however that’s not true. It would mean I’d get 1k gold tokens on the 31st and that didn’t happen.

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We getting this ever again or naw @kalishane