Daily log in cakes

Why is the daily log in event only for sc members?

Unless I’m missing something (please correct me if I’m wrong), the daily log in event is literally pay to play


But He we the not SC members Can buy the cakes…
Bad anniversary when only the SC members got free token…

About time sc members got some benefits


I’m not a SC member and am getting cakes for logging in


I think if you’re prestige 12 they replace your log in cratee

It’s not. It’s a BUG for p12 players only. The crate has been replaced by a confetti cake and non SC members can use it on the roadmap. Trash.

I’m p12, didn’t get a cake today :woman_shrugging:

Hmmm go to your shop… is the regular prestige crate there or a confetti cake box like mine all the way to the left for 550… that’s where the prestige crate is normally at.


So you should have gotten a confetti cake…

I did. Used it on the map already

Yep. A bug. Hopefully they do the right thing and give everyone one… we shall see

Really? Odd
It replaced my p12 crate

Hmm interesting I see that in mine. Its also a cake when I look on my profile prestige. I have option to pay 500 coins, but never actually got one this morning just normal prestige stuff

Go and try to open the confetti cake roadmap. Perhaps you got it but didn’t realize.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but that “MEMBER ONLY BAG” kinda looks like a box.

I tried, 0 cakes. Thinking about it I recieved todays prestige before this event started. Midnight I get it, event started 1am for me

Yea that was going to be my next thought.

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:joy: :joy: Looks like they’ve fixed it. No longer showing the cake

XD #cakegate? :smiley: