Daily Character Token?


Great. My biggest wish is a single 4* character, which
I will never get and other regions get free Elite Character
Tokens, daily. Thx Scopely

I had to write it again, because some genius flagged and I can’t
edit, because this whole thing is …


People need to cut the crap with the flags especially when it’s not warranted. They need to increase the number of people required to flag a post to prevent this. Keep flagging to when someone is blatantly attacking another person. Not because you don’t agree with someones thoughts and opinions.

For the future, it takes about 10 minutes to be able to edit your post after it’s been flagged. Had a lot of false flag practice on some of my posts over the weekend. Have a good day


I get a token in one region out of two but I rather get it in my Bullock region because that’s my home region so is this a thing that will never be fixed or am I doing something wrong I want one token not two I want it in my home region not a dead one that ever pull I get a 4* or 5* like wtf in my normal region I get 3* just my luck lol


People are still getting them in Cullman


Our region seems to be on scopes :poop:list… Next everyone will get a limited addition 6 star and we’ll get a limited addition 1 star and a grenade. :disappointed:


Don’t forget the elegant insense


Been getting them on Edgefield (new region), but that’s it. Edgefield is also bugged to hell with all bags being mystery bags of vials only and no daily roadmaps.


I’m getting sick of being in one of the regions that never gets the extra crap. Why can’t you alternate things, or at least give a reason why the favoritism? #F***YourDedication


I can hear it now

“We’re sorry that this has upset regions that did not recieve this gift. We will not be offering these gifts to regions that did not receive them at this time but we will be sure to take your feedback into consideration the next time we decide to so something like this. Unfortunately we can not disclose how the regions that recieved this gift qualified for this promotion due to the Terms of Service. Keep surviving.”


Asking the real question here.


Its for newer and less established regions… especially with ability to buy a 6* they gotta keep the f2p in the competitiom some how…


You missed the level 125 getting it…


I have an account in liberty, madison, cobb, winston, jeff davis and 1 other and havent gotten any of these free elite tokens in any of those regions. Guess im super unlucky wtf scopely!?


I only play in liberty but i collect free stuff in the others. And nothing except the doublooms of course


Nope, not on Lamar.


I got blue Glenn, but no rifle.



They need to find a way to help older regions.
It can’t be a good strategy leaving the players who have been playing since the beginning out in the cold.
They still spend…would spend more if they had a region that was worth fighting in.


So shady. Pickens is not old and can be a future CRW matchup. Stop giving other regions unfair advantages with free stuff and extra tournaments.


I’m getting two a day