Daily Character Token?


What happened to the daily character token? I haven’t received one for at least two days. Another Scopely bug?


The what ? Oo


Ummm. The free character token we have received everyday for the last month or so. I know I have not received it for a few days and I know a few others have noticed this too.


These ?
You have to collect them on your own in your offers.


ELITE CHARACTER TOKEN. Free everyday up until last few days.


No, some players in some regions were getting an elite character token every day in offers. I think it was just for 30 days though.


I was under the assumption this was not a limited time. I thought the message said it was a recurring thing.


First time hearing about this. For what and since when? And more importantly why not for everyone?


I collected it in Pickens on 2 accounts for at least a month or so. Got a 5* on each account.


Not sure. I was under assumption everyone got it. Guess not.


What level accounts?


125 and 32


Not level based then. I thought maybe it was to help lower levels catch up because I was getting it in the region where I’m level 28.


Nope. Everybody here. Guess it was limited time. Well, got 25 free tokens.


Again with more region unfairness, Rabun has not had one extra tourney and not had these extra free gift. A lil unfair really ain’t it


Wow, would much have preferred 30 days of elite tokens instead of 30 days of level ups


Never got this either. Another big screw you to the dead and closed regions :pensive:


We‘re neither dead nor closed but excluded.


Not Dedicated Enough 2: The Tokening


Great. My biggest wish is a single 4* character, which
I will never get and other regions get free Elite Character
Tokens, daily. Thx Scopely